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FAQs in Software Engineering

Frequently asked Questions

In this post you can find the list of previously asked questions in Unit wise basis. You are provided here with both short answer questions and long answer questions of every unit.

Unit I

Short Answer Questions

  1. Define legacy software?
  2. What are the applications of Software?
  3. What are the types of Software Myths?
  4. Discuss the architecture of layered technology?
  5. List all the umbrella activities in process framework?
  6. Explain is process pattern?
  7. List the types of software models?
  8. List the types other software process models?
  9. Explain software component? Explain its uses
  10. Explain process assessment?
  11. List the models in CMMI?
  12. Explain the levels in continuous model in CMMI?
  13. Compare between perspective and iterative process models?
  14. Explain staged model in CMMI?
  15. Write the other name of waterfall model and who invented waterfall model?
  16. Explain Boehm model?
  17. List the phases in unified process model??
  18. List the types of patterns?
  19. Explain PSP and TSP?
  20. Explain high speed adaptation model?

Long Answer Questions

  1. Explain the evolving role of software?
  2. Define software and explain the various characteristics of software?
  3. Describe “Software myth”? Discuss on various types of software myths and the true aspects of these myths?
  4. Explain software Engineering? Explain the software engineering layers?
  5. Explain in detail the capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)?
  6. Describe with the help of the diagram discuss in detail waterfall model. Give certain reasons for its failure?
  7. Explain briefly on (a) the incremental model (b) The RAD Model?
  8. Explain the Spiral model in detail?
  9. Describe With the help of the diagram explain the concurrent development model?
  10. Explain unified process? Elaborate on the unified process work products?
  11. Explain specialized process models?
  12. Explain different software applications?
  13. Explain the paradigms do you think would be most effective? Why?
  14. Explain product and process are related?
  15. Explain personal and team process models?
  16. Explain process frame work activities?
  17. Explain the purpose of process assessment?
  18. Explain changing nature of software in detail?
  19. Explain and contrast perspective process models and iterative process models?
  20. Explain about the evolutionary process models?
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