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FAQs in Software Engineering

Unit II

Short Answer Questions

  1. Explain the kinds of system requirements?
  2. Explain functional requirements?
  3. Explain nonfunctional requirements?
  4. Explain domain requirements?
  5. List kinds of nonfunctional requirements?
  6. Explain example of functional requirement?
  7. Explain user requirements in detail?
  8. Explain system requirement in detail?
  9. Explain interface and list out how many types of there and what are they?
  10. Explain the term stake holder?
  11. Explain requirements gathering??
  12. Explain requirement validation?
  13. Explain requirement review?
  14. Explain data dictionary?
  15. Discuss data flow model?
  16. Explain state machine model of a microwave oven?
  17. List kinds of behavioral and object models?
  18. Design class hierarchy for library by using inheritance model?
  19. Describe ethnography?
  20. Explain viewpoints and types of viewpoints?

Long Answer Questions

  1. Write short notes on user requirements. What are requirements?
  2. Compare functional requirements with nonfunctional requirements?
  3. Discuss system requirements in a detail manner?
  4. Explain requirement engineering process?
  5. Discuss briefly how requirement validation is done?
  6. Discuss your knowledge of how an ATM is used; develop a set of use-cases that could serve as a basis for understanding the requirements for an ATM system?
  7. Describe four types of non-functional requirements that may be placed on a system. Give examples of each of these types of requirement?
  8. Explain how requirements are managed in software project management?
  9. Explain context models?
  10. Explain Behavioral models?
  11. Explain Data models?
  12. Explain Object models?
  13. Explain in which circumstances would you recommend using structured methods for system development?
  14. Explain SRS document and explain along with its contents?
  15. Explain interface specification in detail?
  16. Discuss how requirements are felicitated and validated in software project?
  17. Discuss how feasibility studies are important in requirement engineering process?
  18. Demonstrate class hierarchy for library by using interface specification?
  19. Explain inheritance model?
  20. Explain state machine model with a suitable example?
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