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FAQs in Software Engineering

Unit III

Short Answer Questions

  1. Explain why design is important in design engineering?
  2. Discuss analysis and design model?
  3. Describe quality attributes and its guidelines?
  4. List the design concepts?
  5. Justify the importance of refactoring?
  6. Discuss on low coupling?
  7. Define software architecture with its importance?
  8. Explain taxonomy of architectural styles?
  9. Write short notes on architecture patterns?
  10. Compare function oriented and object oriented design?
  11. Define top-down and bottom-up design model?
  12. Write short notes on coupling?
  13. List out the steps for conducting component level design?
  14. Write short notes on cohesion?
  15. Design the class based components?
  16. List out the golden rules for interface design?
  17. Write short notes on interface design steps?
  18. Describe design evaluation?
  19. List out all the design issues?
  20. Explain process in user interface design?

Long Answer Questions

  1. Explain a two level process? Why should system design be finished before the detailed design, rather starting the detailed design after the requirements specification? Explain with the help of a suitable example
  2. Discuss briefly the following fundamental concepts of software design:
    1. Abstraction
    2. Modularity
    3. Information hiding
  1. Explain briefly the following:
    1. Coupling between the modules,
    2. The internal Cohesion of a module
  2. Discuss the fundamental principles of structured design. Write notes on transform analysis?
  3. Explain software architecture in a detail manner?
  4. Explain software design? Explain data flow oriented design?
  5. Explain the goals of the user interface design?
  6. Discuss briefly about the golden rules for the user interface design?
  7. Discuss interface design steps in a brief manner?
  8. Explain how the design is evaluated?
  9. Explain design processing along with its quality?
  10. Explain the design concepts in software engineering?
  11. Explain pattern based software design in a detail manner?
  12. Elaborate model for the design?
  13. Discuss architectural styles and patterns?
  14. Explain with a neat diagram of architectural design?
  15. Elaborate modeling component level design?
  16. Describe mapping data flow into software architecture?
  17. Explain the guide lines of component level design?
  18. Describe the way of conducting a component level design?
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