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FAQs in Software Engineering

Unit IV

Short Answer Questions

  1. Compare verification and validation?
  2. Write short notes on unit testing?
  3. Describe smoke testing?
  4. List out the steps for bottom-up integration?
  5. List out the steps for top-down integration?
  6. Write short note on integration testing?
  7. Compare Quality assurance vs. Quality Control?
  8. Define CASE tools?
  9. Write short notes on validation testing?
  10. Explain art of debugging?
  11. Describe regression testing?
  12. List out the steps for integration step documentation?
  13. Describe performance testing?
  14. Write short notes on glass box testing?
  15. Explain behavioral testing?
  16. List the quality factors of McCall’s?
  17. List the quality factors of ISO 9126?
  18. Define the following terms measures, metrics, and indicators?
  19. Write short notes on product metric land scrape?
  20. List out the metrics for analysis model?

Long Answer Questions

  1. Explain about the importance of test strategies for conventional software?
  2. Discuss black box testing in a detailed view?
  3. Compare black box testing with white box testing?
  4. Compare validation testing and system testing?
  5. Discuss software quality factors? Discuss their relative importance?
  6. Discuss an overview of quality metrics?
  7. Explain should we perform the Validation test – the software developer or the software user? Justify your answer?
  8. Explain about Product metrics?
  9. Explain about Metrics for maintenance?
  10. Explain in detail about Software Measurement?
  11. Explain about Metrics for software quality?
  12. Explain strategic approach to software testing.
  13. Describe test strategies for conventional software.
  14. Describe validation testing.
  15. Write a long note on system testing.
  16. Demonstrate art of debugging
  17. Discuss a framework for product metrics
  18. Demonstrate metrics for analysis model
  19. List the metrics for the design model
  20. Describe metrics for source code and for testing
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