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FAQs in Software Engineering

Unit V

Short Answer Questions

  1. Define reactive and proactive risk strategies?
  2. List out the generic subcategories of predictable risks?
  3. Define risk components?
  4. List out the conditions for risk refinement?
  5. Write about quality concepts?
  6. Write short notes on formal technical reviews?
  7. List out review guidelines??
  8. Describe six sigma for software?
  9. Write about the classification of case tool?
  10. Write a short notes on ISO 9000 quality standards?
  11. Write the formulae for measures of reliability and availability?
  12. Explain about software cost estimation?
  13. Write short note on the various estimation techniques?
  14. Define software risks and what are the types of software risks?
  15. Describe risk components and drivers?
  16. Write the purpose of timeline chart?
  17. Expand RMMM in RMMM plan?
  18. Define software reliability?
  19. Define quality and quality control in quality management?
  20. Write short notes on risk identification?

Long Answer Questions

  1. Explain about software risks?
  2. Elaborate the concepts of Risk management Reactive vs Proactive Risk strategies?
  3. Explain about RMMM Plan?
  4. Explain about Quality concepts?
  5. Explain software quality assurance?
  6. Explain about formal technical reviews?
  7. Explain in detail ISO 9000 quality standards?
  8. Discuss risk refinement?
  9. Compare reactive with proactive risk strategies?
  10. Discuss software reliability?
  11. Briefly explain about formal approaches to SQA?
  12. Demonstrate statistical SQA?
  13. Define software reliability along with its terms?
  14. Explain risk projection in detail?
  15. Explain seven principals of risk management?
  16. Explain software reviews in brief?
  17. Explain six sigma for software engineering?
  18. Explain quality management with their terms?
  19. Demonstrate risk identification?
  20. Describe developing a risk table?
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