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The following are the authors who are working to help the students by sharing their knowledge in the computer science stream. we are happy to help you in career guidance and open for queries at any time.

Name: Mr. John Wesley R

Mr. John Wesley is currently a Research Associate in the department of Computing sciences and engineering of VIT University. He obtained his Master’s degree, also from the same institution prior to taking up full time research, and has four years of teaching and research experience. During this period, he is a member of the team, coordinating curricular digital programming courses involving C++ and Python languages on online coding platform ‘Skillrack’ for over 6000 students, and have additionally played a role as a tester for a similar home-developed version of VIT University named V-PROPEL. His expertise includes web-based testing and process automation with python-based selenium framework, docker, and bash scripting in Linux environments. He has integrated tools like Ferret and wmctrl and developed a software to identify student malpractice in these digital programming courses. He is part of the computational Intelligence group at VIT, working on deep-learning based speech technology methods, where python is a part of most of the experiments.



Name: Rajesh Kumar K V

Mr. Rajesh Kumar K V is currently a Research Associate in the department of Electronics Engineering of VIT University. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Institution of Engineers India (IEI), Kolkata. Later he obtained his Master’s degree in specialization of Embedded Systems from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kakinada (JNTUK). He has two years of teaching experience in Embedded Systems, IoT and VLSI Design prior to taking up full time research. His expertise in Embedded Systems and IoT based research and product development further helped him in achieving mentor certification from Tata Consultancy Services – for mentoring students in a project “Self-organizing Networks using ZigBee” under remote internship programme. He has hands-on experience in developing projects on hardware boards like Raspberry -pi, MSP- Texas, Node MCU, Simblee, Arduino, Atmel controllers and Xilinx FPGA’s programmed in Assembly, Embedded C, RTOS, VHDL & Verilog( hardware based coding ). He started his full time research in Biomechanical Assessment using Artificial Intelligence in 2016. He achieved certificate of merit in concept presentation from the unit FIPS Physicon-2017, DRDO Delhi. He is now working with Machine learning and Deep Learning Frame works using Python and R – languages.



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Name: K. Satish Kumar Raju

Mr. K Satish Kumar Raju, Working as Technical Lead in an MNC company. He finished his Master’s in the stream of Computer Science and Engineering in the year of 2014 from JNTUA. He started his teaching career in Sri Sai Institute of Technology and Science located in Rayachoti in the department of C.S.E. Certified as a IBM Blumix Cloud Application Developer. He has good experience in conducting workshops for Engineering students on Python Programming, NumPy, Pandas, Amazon Web Services (AWS). He has good experience in taking one to one, one to group online sessions on different technologies like Core Java(J2SE), J2EE, Oracle, MySQL, Python, NumPy, Pandas, C, C++, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.

“Learn the Concepts with good and real time examples which helps to remember for long time”



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