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P-Assignment 1: Keywords


  1. Write a Python script to print your address as given in the following format using print() function


Your Father Name,

Door No,




Country, Pin Code

2. Write a Python Script for finding the Area of a circle. Take ‘pi’ as 3.14

3. Write a Python Script to convert the height of a person from feet to centimeters.

4. Write a Python Script to convert the degrees to Celsius.

5. Write a Python Script to check the following key words are valid or not.

a= “india”


c= “as”

d= “Sudha”

e= “in”

If the given variable is a keyword, it should print “Hey Sudhakar, it is a keyword. “

Otherwise it should print  “Hey Sudhakar, This is not a valid keyword”

        Refer the following Link:



Example HTML page

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