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Python Exercise 1

1. Start the python interpreter and use the interpreter as a calculator

a. Find how many seconds are there in your age?
b. How many miles are there in 15 Kilo meters? Hint: 1.61 kilometers = 1 mile.
c. Find the distance you covered in 10 minutes 20 seconds with a speed of 40 kilometers/hour.
d. what the your speed if you covered 5 kilometers in 5 minutes 5 seconds.
e. Find the centimeters in 100 meters.

2. Print Function

a. print the following strings on the output console
‘Welcome Binish, Let’s begin Python Programming’
‘Welcome Binish, Have a “great day”‘
b. observe the output of the following. print(‘hello world’)
c. what is the error if you remove ‘(‘ in the above print statement.
d. what is the error if your remove ” ‘ ” i.e. before ‘h’ in the above print statement.
e. what is the error if you type the print ‘hello world’

3. What is the result of the following computations?

a. 3/2
b. 3//2
c. 3*2
d. 3**2
e. 3%%2

4. what is the area and perimeter of the circle if the radius is 10 meters?

5. what is the area of a triangle if the base is 4.5 and height is 5 meters?

Example HTML page

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