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Python Exercise 4



The following questions are based on passing arguments in the function. Use required, keyword, default and variable length arguments only as mentioned in the question.


1. Mr. Sudhakar has attended a Written Test for a competitive Exam. There are two sections in the exam, one is objective section and other one is descriptive section. He is secured at 70% marks in objective section out of 50 marks and 60% marks in descriptive section of 50 marks seperately. Find the total marks of Mr. Sudhakar. Use functions to compute the marks by passing percentage of marks in function call. [ Hint: Pass the name, %marks of objective test, % marks of the descriptive test]

2. Mr. Jai is an employee in a reputed company. His salary is 300$,Due to the festival he got a bonus of 50$. He saved 75$ at the end of the month from his total salary. Use only functions, by taking the name,salary as the required arguments and bonus as a default argument. print his total expenses in that month.

3. Mr. Rathnam and Mr. Ramana are the faculty in a reputed university. Mr rathnam taught the subjects ‘C Language’ for the students of Second semester and Mr. Ramana taught the subjects ‘Data Structures’ for Third semester students. Two employees will get the salary of 25000,24000 resectively. print the name, subject, semester and their salaries by using keyword arguments in the function.

4. Mrs. Binish got an 2 assignments in a week. For the first assignment she will take 3 hours, and for the second assignment she will take 4 hours. How many minutes she will take to complete her assignments. Use required arguments by passing name, time for assignment1, time for assignment2. Print the total time in minutes.

5. Ms. Sowmya got marks in 6 subjects. She got the marks of 85,79,99,100,45,50 out of 100 marks in each subject. Find her total marks by passing the name and the subject marks using variable length arguments.

Example HTML page

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